Strategy Implementation In A Fortune 100 Corporation

The Challenge

The challenge for this global high-tech corporate was to increase its annual software revenue by $80 million. Key senior managers set this objective to help the company achieve its overall strategy for increasing shareholder value. They also determined that this new revenue target could be met only if the following organizational changes could be made quickly: (1) Stronger linkages between the software sales group and the company’s industry-focused business units. (2) Stronger structural alignment on this objective within the marketing organization. (3) Better linkage between software development priorities and market needs for profitable products.

The Project

Once a cross-functional team of executives scoped the project, a Planning Team came together and designed a three-and-a-half day event to determine the specific organizational changes that needed to be made. They identified three teams of managers (about 40 people in all) and clarified the mix of issues each team needed to address. For example, a “sales linkage” team determined what changes were needed in the sales process, in the structure of some of the sales roles, in aspects of sales compensation, and in communications across groups. Because emerging ideas were constantly shared across the three teams, the group as a whole was able to come up with creative solutions that cut across all three areas.

The Results

At the final decision-making meeting, all the teams’ recommendations were approved. For geographical and logistical reasons, Sponsor monitoring of the implementation phase was structured somewhat differently than the usual: Every 30 days each team from the three-and-a-half day event met with its own Sponsor team to ensure that everything was on track. The result: Full and effective implementation within 90 days.

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