Monday, March 4th, 2024

LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360 Certification Process

The Leadership Agility 360 Certification Workshop provides the up-close look you need to understand this innovative assessment. Based on adult developmental theory, the instrument gives individuals a different perspective on how they perform their job and act with others. It also gives an understanding of the next level of performance available to them based on real work situations and real comments from stakeholders. The accompanying Development Planner guides the user to a meaningful action plan and assures your success as a coach.

— Russ Long, Change Innovations

Approved by the ICF (International Coach Federation) for 24 CEU’s

An Invitation

Are you…

  • an experienced coach who’d like to spice up your practice and enhance your clients’ ability to move to new levels of leadership effectiveness?
  • an experienced leadership development professional, looking for a more effective, up-to-date 360 for your company?
  • interested in learning a new integral feedback tool that can expedite growth in even high performing managers, helping them master behaviors that can significantly improve their leadership effectiveness?

If so, consider becoming certified to use the LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360. To accommodate growing interest in Leadership Agility engagements, ChangeWise is developing a network of certified coaches throughout the world. Certified coaches will have the option of participating in a supportive community of practice that is forming around the Leadership Agility framework and methodologies.

The Certification Process

The certification process provided by ChangeWise, for both independent and in-house coaches, consists of three steps:

  • Pre-workshop activities that include previewing the instrument, reading the book, and working with the Development Planner and a Sample Report
  • A 2-day workshop (or virtual equivalent) where you will gain an in-depth understanding of the framework, get hands-on experience interpreting feedback, and receive guidance in administering and debriefing the instrument
  • Attend a virtual certification support group, and administer and debrief two Leadership Agility 360’s, followed by a one-hr. review.

Next Steps