Friday, July 1st, 2022

Creating an Agile Leadership Culture

ChangeWise has extensive experience providing consulting, facilitation, and coaching services that support executives and their teams in developing purposeful, empowering leadership cultures that foster increased innovation, collaboration, quality, and service — and improved business results.

Note: For more information about how we help companies develop agile leadership cultures, use the form on the contact us page to request a copy of Bill Joiner’s article, “Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders.”

Developing your Desired Leadership Culture

In today’s turbulent economy, the ability to set the right change priorities and mobilize effective change efforts has become a central leadership challenge. Often these changes call for a dramatic increase in cross-boundary collaboration and in alignment between organizational levels, two key characteristics of highly agile leadership cultures.  Creating an agile culture often requires overcoming hidden “minefields” and obstacles to change. Here are some examples of situations where ChangeWise was engaged to assist with a change in leadership culture:

  • The owners and top managers of a global business were not aligned on business philosophy and strategic priorities
  • Two organizations had officially merged, but their corporate cultures had not
  • Problems in the relationships between a company’s R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales divisions had resulted in declining customer satisfaction and frustrating delays in bringing new products to market
  • A company needed to implement a new, team-based work structure, and they knew they needed to build a leadership culture that supported this structure.

In these situations, the question was: How can the organizations senior leaders come together to develop a more agile culture? How do they communicate the need for change and get people to pull together in a spirit of true collaboration? How do they make changes in a way that is timely and results in real commitment and business results? If new skills are needed to support these changes, what are the right skills, and what does it take to make these skills “stick”?

Consulting on Leadership Culture Change

Using a tailored, whole-systems approach, ChangeWise works with organizational leaders to design and facilitate processes that create more agile leadership cultures. We have many years’ experience successfully completing engagements such as the following:

  • Forging alignment between owners or Boards and top managers
  • Merging corporate cultures
  • Changing culture to improve business results
  • Bringing about alignment between organizational levels
  • Fostering cross-functional collaboration
  • Revitalizing corporate culture

Client Stories

Examples of how companies have used our Culture Change services include:

To learn more about our Culture Change services and how they can be tailored to your needs, please contact us.