Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Our Ideas

On this part of our site, you can gain access to the change model that underlies all our work and to the latest thinking displayed on our Leadership Agility Blog.

Bill Joiner’s Leadership Agility Blog

Continued musings on the topic of Leadership Agility, the research-based book on stages of personal and leadership development.  This blog makes connections between the book’s key ideas and emerging research, issues and news items; related work by other people; and the book’s journey into the public conversation about leadership.

Our Change Model

This unique change model emerged from the research we conducted for the book, Leadership Agility.  The model has three key components:

  • Levels of leadership agility: Expert, Achiever, Catalyst, Co-Creator, and Synergist
  • Action arenas: Leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations
  • Types of agility: Context-setting, stakeholder, creative and self-leadership agility