Friday, July 1st, 2022

Leadership Agility at the Top

This one-day workshop is designed for a senior team, or an extended senior team, interested in increasing the “agility” of its members and the team as a whole – agility being the ability to work more effectively with others in a complex, rapidly changing environment.

The workshop design is a unique, action-oriented program, based on research underlying the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, plus 3 decades of experience consulting to organizations, teams, and their leaders.

Workshop format

Participants learn, experientially, three key “levels of agility” identified in the book.  In the process, the gain a new common language for understanding leadership and teamwork, and they learn what it takes to operate at the rarely practiced “Catalyst” level of agility, so often needed in today’s business environment.

Participants assess the team’s current agility level, and determine the level of agility they want their team to embody, given its current/emerging operating environment. From here, the team embarks on a well-structured, facilitated process that allows them to think freely about changes they want to make in how the team functions.

The team then prioritizes those areas where they most want to improve, identifies the most “high leverage” action steps for making these improvements, and assigns responsibilities for follow-through.  At the end of the workshop, each participant puts together an individual action plan that will help them develop as leaders and contribute to the team’s development.


Participants leave with:

  • A robust understanding of the key practices associated with the Expert, Achiever, and Catalyst levels of team leadership, and when each agility level is most effective
  • A realistic assessment of their team’s current agility level and the level at which it needs to operate to be most in its particular work environment
  • A clearly thought-through action plan (with specific next steps and responsibilities) for raising the team’s agility level, targeted to those areas where the team most needs to develop its agility and effectiveness
  • A specific plan for working on two more agile team leadership behaviors that will serve them and their team as they put their team development plan into action