Friday, July 1st, 2022

Creative Breakthrough Process

This is a customized, facilitated process for groups who need quick, “out of the box” solutions to critical, targeted business or organizational problems. Clients have used this process for a variety of purposes, including: developing new product ideas, improving product quality, improving departmental effectiveness, and making improvements in customer service.

The Creative Breakthrough Process usually takes the form of an intensive 1-to-3 day event that is scoped and designed upfront, with a focused implementation process added. Each process is different, but all use a combination of creative and critical thinking techniques to generate innovative ideas that can be implemented to achieve critical business results.

Getting Started

The Creative Breakthrough Process is always highly customized, so it always begins with a few planning discussions. These meetings accomplish two things:

  • We help you “set the challenge.” This step includes verifying that the Creative Breakthrough Process is a good fit for your needs, and determining how to frame and scope the target issue or opportunity.
  • We work together to customize the process to meet your specific needs, identify who should attend, and clarify how decisions about solutions will be made.

What Happens?

Although the Creative Breakthrough Process is always customized, it always embodies the following characteristics:

  • Its purpose and any important parameters are clarified up-front
  • It is expertly facilitated
  • Participants are quickly engaged in activities that promote an open, free-flowing expression of ideas. All ideas are recorded. The time goes fast
  • They go beyond simply brainstorming a large quantity of ideas. Ideas are examined, and the most promising are identified then synthesized with one another and developed into more powerful, robust solutions
  • Any practical problems with these more developed are identified. Creative thinking is applied to overcome any limitations in an idea’s impact or feasibility
  • Only then are the most promising solution ideas prioritized and further developed
  • This process can be designed so that participants can review the products of the work with higher-level decision-makers. In some cases, they can get on-the-spot approval to begin implementation right away
  • If desired, we can also provide “light touch” consulting and facilitation support to help ensure that new strategies and solutions can be implemented rapidly and effectively

Client Stories

A national insurance company used the Creative Breakthrough Process to supplement analysis and recommendations for their auto and homeowners claims divisions provided by the insurance practice of a world-class consulting firm. The process engaged claims managers in diagnosing problems in the claims process, developing needed and workable solutions (including changes in supervisory roles), planning the specific action steps necessary to implement the solutions, and gain executive approval. The payoff for the company ran to millions of dollars.

A small accounting firm used a one-day Creative Breakthrough Process as the basis for a full company retreat. Company members left strongly committed to new set of priorities needed so the firm could prosper in a time of growth and change.