Friday, July 1st, 2022

Organizational Change

Whether you are looking for assistance for a discrete change initiative, or want to develop culture infused with greater leadership agility, ChangeWise can draw on a rich variety of services to meet your needs. The product of three decades of experience, each service has a rich track-record of success.

Note: For information about how we help companies develop “leadership cultures” infused with greater agility use the form on the contact us page to request a copy of Bill Joiner’s article, “Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders.”

Our organizational change consulting services:

We have a variety of methods we can draw on to help you assess your leadership culture.

ChangeWise has extensive experience helping executives and their teams develop purposeful, empowering organizations that foster increased innovation, collaboration, quality, and service — and improved business results.

This customized service is a set of facilitated activities that bring key people together to generate creative, forward-thinking strategy ideas and develop them into practical initiatives.

This is a rapid, focused, and highly participative methodology for process redesign or strategy implementation that produces strong commitment to organizational change among employees at all levels.

This is a customized, facilitated process for groups who need “out of the box” solutions to critical, targeted business or organizational problems. Clients have used this process to develop new product ideas, improve product quality, improve departmental effectiveness, and make improvements in customer service.

Our organizational change work typically includes work with senior teams. This work often involves developing effective shared-responsibility teams who can collaborate effectively in the leadership of whole organizations or organizational units.

Agile leadership cultures require agile leaders. Click on the link above to view our array of leadership development services.

Client Stories

These stories that show the results companies have achieved by using our organizational change consulting services:

To learn more about these services and how they can be tailored to your needs, please contact us.