Friday, July 1st, 2022

Fast Track Projects & Results

The Fast-Track methodology has consistently produced very strong, measurable business results, including reduced cycle-time, higher quality, revenue growth, improved efficiency, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.

The story links below show what this approach has achieved in two important areas:

  • Strategy implementation and business problem-solving in a Fortune 100 corporation. See story…
  • Process redesign projects in one of the top health plans in the United States:
    • Five cross-functional teams worked together for 3.5 days to take the company’s product development cycle-time of 42 weeks down to 18 weeks. This change resulted in increased revenues, reduced costs, and higher customer and staff satisfaction. The company’s CFO, who was a decision-maker present at the end of the redesign event, said the teams’ work had “saved the company millions of dollars.” See story…
    • The NCQA (the federal body responsible for evaluating HMO quality) had awarded the health plan the highest possible rating, conditional upon a rapid and dramatic improvement in its customer complaints process. Needing to move quickly, the company used a Fast Track project to revamp its complaints process, develop a new system, and, in record time, install both across multiple regions. As a result, they not only retained their top-level accreditation, but also greatly increased the quality and continuous-improvement capability of their complaints process. See story…
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