Friday, July 1st, 2022

Your Leadership Agility 360

What is the Leadership Agility 360?

Leadership agility is not a single, discrete competency. Rather, it is a capacity that develops in stages and affects everything you do as a leader. The Leadership Agility 360 is a new kind of 360-feedback and action-planning tool, developed by ChangeWise in partnership with Cambria Consulting. Based on extensive research, it is designed expressly to assess leadership effectiveness in today’s highly complex, rapidly changing business environment.

Most 360 instruments assess a laundry list of abstract “competencies” on a 1-5 or 1-7 scale, leaving you to try to understand what each item means and guess what to do about it. By contrast, the feedback you receive from the Leadership Agility gives you very specific feedback in practical leadership contexts you will immediately recognize: Leading organizational change, leading teams, and engaging in important conversations.

Clients have repeatedly commented that, compared to other 360 feedback experiences:

  • The debrief experience is more constructive
  • It’s much easier to know what to do with the feedback and to envision a clear path for growth
  • The leadership development goals that come from it are more powerful

For more information about the instrument, click here.

Leadership Agility 360 Coaches

As important as the instrument is, equality important is the training and experience of the coach who will guide you through the process. A certified Leadership Agility 360 coach will help you interpret your feedback, and help you develop a practical action plan for next steps. Our coaches are located all over the world. They are senior practitioners who have been specially trained and reviewed to ensure that you will have a quality experience.

The Leadership Agility 360 Process

Here’s an outline of the process:

  1. Orientation meeting. Your coach will get to know you and learn about your key leadership initiatives. He or she will orient you to the instrument and the process, and advise you on how to get the most out of it.
  2. Online assessment. You receive a user-friendly feedback report with both written comments and quantitative feedback, all linked to specific leadership contexts.
  3. Debrief meeting. You coach will assist you in interpreting your feedback and will help you begin to identify a few leadership development goals.
  4. Action-planning meeting. Your coach will help you use the Leadership Agility 360 Development Planner to formulate your leadership development goals so they are specific, powerful and compelling.

If you choose, your coach can put together a flexible, customized set of coaching sessions to support you in implementing your action plan.

Who uses the Leadership Agility 360?

If you decide to engage in the Leadership Agility 360, you’ll be in good company. This 360 has been used by many well-known companies around the world, as well as non-profits and agencies in federal and state government. It is especially well-suited for use with executives, senior managers, and high-potential managers, but it is also applicable for any manager who leads a team and has responsibility for making organizational improvements, whether the scale of these improvements is large or small.

Want to talk with us about this?

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