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Virtual LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360 Workshop, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2021

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This workshop, for now available only in a virtual format, is the central step in the LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360 certification process.  This thoroughly validated instrument, based on the research underlying the book, assesses a manager’s leadership agility level in three key action arenas:  leading organizational change, leading teams, and pivotal conversations.  Its unique features make it one of the world’s most innovative and relevant 360-feedback instruments for today’s era.

Download an in-depth brochure on the LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360.

The next virtual Leadership Agility 360 workshop will be September 28 – October 1, averaging about 3.5 hours per session.

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The current LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360 Certification Process has been approved by the International Coach Federation for 24 CCEU’s (Continuing Coach Education Units) – all core credits.

Over the past 12 years, coaches and leadership development professionals have attended this workshop from all over the US and from Athens, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Helsinki, Istanbul, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Montreal, Mumbai, Munich, Ottawa, Paris, Prague, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Toronto, and Warsaw.

Workshop Outline

This workshop has now been held multiple times in a virtual format. The two full days of the original in-person workshop have been translated into 14 hours of virtual “together” time, with some additional self-paced online learning. Extra breaks have been added.

Timing: The time of day selected for workshop sessions allow you to attend if you are in the US Pacific time zone or the Central European time zone, or any time zone in-between. We have also had coaches participate from India.

Pre-Work: Selected reading plus viewing of mini-webinars

Day One: (3¾ hours) 7:00-10:45 US PT / 10:00-1:45 US ET / 4:00-7:45 pm CET

  • Introductions/technical orientation
  • The Leadership Agility framework
  • Large Group Exercise:  Experiencing and learning the agility levels

Day Two: (3¾ hours) 7:00-10:45 US PT / 10:00-1:45 US ET / 4:00-7:45 pm CET

  • The three leadership contexts covered by the instrument
  • Overview of the Leadership Agility 360 process
  • How to conduct the Debrief Meeting
  • Working with the written feedback in each leadership context
  • Breakouts: Pivotal Conversations … Understanding agility levels for each item
  • Pivotal Conversations: Report-outs
  • Breakouts: Pivotal Conversations … Practice debriefing the page

Day Three: (3½ hours) 7:00-10:30 US PT / 10:00-1:30 US ET / 4:00-7:30 pm CET

  • Breakouts: Leading Teams/Leading Change … Understanding agility levels for each item
  • Team Leadership: Report-outs
  • Breakouts: Team Leadership … Practice debriefing the page
  • Leading Organizational Change: Report-outs
  • Breakouts: Leading Organizational Change … Practice debriefing the page

Day Four: (3½ hours) 7:00-10:30 US PT / 10:00-1:30 US ET / 4:00-7:30 pm CET

  • Completing the Debrief Meeting
  • Action Planning Meeting
  • Forming peer support certification teams
  • Using the Leadership Agility 360 with groups
  • How to use the Support Portal
  • The Leadership Agility Accelerator and the Power Style Profile
  • Visualization and check-out

Workshop Leaders

The LLEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360 Certification Workshop is led by Bill Joiner, co-author of the book, global thought-leader and co-developer of the LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360, and by ChangeWise principal, Debra Whitestone. (See Principals page for bios).


The fee for the entire Leadership Aglity 360 Certification process is $1975 US.

Your first Leadership Agility 360 is included in the fee, a $250 value.

The fee will cover the two-day workshop, access to an ongoing support group, and a personalized review of your first two client debriefs.

You will also receive the following materials: A Development Planner for clients to use, a Debrief Workbook for yourself, the Technical Manual (summarizing validation testing, etc.), and a number of useful marketing materials. You will also have access to a private LinkedIn group for your cohort and to an exclusive Support Portal that serves as a just-in-time online Manual for all steps of the 360 process.

In addition, completion of this workshop qualifies you for approval to use the Leadership Agility Accelerator (self-reflection and action-planning tool) and the Power Style Profile with your clients.

Early birds

This workshop offers a series of early-bird discounts. By posting your payment by one of the deadlines below, you will receive the corresponding discount:

  • July 30 … $200 discount (fee becomes $1775)
  • August 13 … $150 discount (fee becomes $1825)
  • August 27 … $100 discount (fee becomes $1875)
  • September 10 … $50 discount (fee becomes $1925)

Additional Options

Partial scholarships: If you are an internal coach or leadership development working in a health care or first-responder organization, we may be able to arrange a partial scholarship. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, indicate this on your registration form.

COVID-19 no-interest payment plan: If your coaching income has been significantly diminished by the current pandemic, we will work with you to create a no-interest payment plan.

Requirements for Certification

To become certified to use the LEADERSHIP AGILITY™ 360, you need to complete all three phases of the training and certification process:

1. Complete the pre-work for the workshop, including viewing mini-webinars

2. Attend the workshop in full

3. Complete a 1-hour review of two 360 engagements

Price of the Leadership Agility 360

Purchase price for the Leadership Agility 360 is $250 US. As noted above, your first 360 will be free.

Apply to Attend the Workshop

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