Friday, July 1st, 2022

For Executives and Managers

If you lead an organization or organizational unit, the following overview is for you.

Creating an Agile Organization

  • Assessing and transforming your leadership culture

    To be successful in today’s complex, rapidly changing business environment, your organization needs to be agile. Research has shown that the leadership culture plays a pivotal role in determining the agility of your organization. Learn how we can help you assess and then transform your current leadership culture, so that the agility level of your organization matches the speed and complexity of your business environment.

    For more detail on how to create an agile “leadership culture,” use the form on the contact us page to request a copy of Bill Joiner’s article, “Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders.”

  • Developing breakout business or operational strategies

    When needed, agile organizations can formulate and implement breakout business and operational strategies that anticipate change in the larger environment by redefining existing businesses, conceiving new enterprises, and initiating new ways of operating. Learn how our clients have used our Breakout Strategy Process to achieve these kinds of results.

  • Rapidly redesigning business processes — with reliable implementation

    Many new or revised strategies require the redesign of cross-functional business processes. Find out how clients have used using our highly-participative Fast Track Change Process to quickly redesign and implement new mission-critical business processes.

  • Achieving quick creative breakthroughs on thorny issues

    Our Creative Breakthrough Process is a customized, facilitated process that brings the right people together to rapidly create and implement “out of the box” solutions to critical, targeted business or organizational problems.

Creating an Agile Leadership Team

To develop an agile organization, you need to develop a highly agile senior team. We have extensive experience partnering with leaders to help them develop their team’s agility, transforming executive groups into cohesive teams that work together to effectively to lead needed organizational change. (See an overview of our services for team development).

Developing Highly Agile Leaders

To create an agile organization, you need managers throughout the organization who can embody agile leadership on a day-to-day basis. We provide a range of workshops, coaching interventions, and action learning programs where people develop the capacities and skills for agile leadership by applying them to their real work – and by continuing to do so on the job.

Learn about our Leadership Development offerings.

Enhancing your own Leadership Agility

Wise leaders understand that the accelerating pace of change and degree of complexity in today’s business environment require them to raise their own leadership agility to new levels. These forces challenge you to be more strategic, to work more effectively with all your key stakeholders, to think more creatively about the issues you face, and to engage more proactively in activities that foster your continued development as a leader.

We have many years experience serving as a trusted coach, sounding board, and adviser to senior leaders undertaking significant changes in their executive teams and organizations.

Other Next Steps

Wondering where to start?

  • Learn more about specific Leadership Agility resources for executives and managers.
  • Contact us and discuss your particular needs.
  • Request a free consult.
  • Invite our thought-leader, Bill Joiner, to provide a keynote, executive briefing, or mini-workshop for your organization.